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We believe YOU should tell us what YOU want. That is why you will see no "pre-defined wedding packages" defined by someone else.

Our philosophy is this:
You begin with our Starter Kit (our minimal service offering) and then YOU decide what else you would like. It is that simple!

The only requirement we have is this:
Saturday weddings occurring in the months of April through September require an 8 hour minimum.

STEP 1: (Before Wedding) Begin with Our Starter Kit - $499 
  - One Photographer
- 3 Hours Coverage
  - Unlimited Exposures
  - Unlimited Locations
  - Choice of Color, BW, or Sepia Prints (All Three Formats Viewable On-Line)
  - Personalized Web Photo Gallery (Including a Slideshow, Guestbook & More)
  - Printable Contact Sheets (via web)
  - On-Line Proofing and Ordering
  - Photos Available On Line in 7 days
  - Our Famous 50¢ 4x6 First Runs for the Bride and Groom
STEP 2: (Before Wedding) Add Any Additional Items You Need 
prices - Additional Hours $99 per hour
  - 2nd Photographer $89 per hour (3 Hour Minimum)
  - Portable Studio $125
  - On Location Engagement Session $149
STEP 3: (After Wedding) Purchase Any Products You Would Like
prices - High Res Digital Negatives $299 Special $199 (Save $100)
  - Musical Photoshow $169 Special $ 99 (Save $70)
  - Prints View our Complete Price List
  - Coffee Table Books Starting at $269    View our Album Design Page
  - Flush Mount Albums Starting at $299    View our Album Design Page
  ... and much more! View our Complete Price List

Are you accustomed to
seeing "Package Prices"?
View different pricing scenarios for an average 8 hour wedding based on our ala carte pricing philosophy.