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Thank you for stopping by our e-studio! Our names are Dawnelle and Dan Loftus, the owners and photographers of Loftus Photography.

We established Loftus Photography in January of 2003 after 10 years of freelance and contractual photography working primarily with the larger photography studios within the Chicagoland area.

Our specialty is on-location, special event photography but we also perform portrait photography at our home studio in Lombard, Illinois.

Loftus Photography's primary objective is to offer quality photography at an affordable price without all the confusing "packages" and "up selling techniques".

You will see no "packages" with our services. You begin with our minimum service level (Starter Kit), then add whatever else you need. It's that simple!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact by using the "Contact" link.We hope to work with you in the future!

Dawnelle and Dan Loftus
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Choosing a Quality Chicago Wedding Photographer

An article by Steve Holmes

Photojournalistic vs. Traditional


Traditional photographers use a contemporary approach to wedding photography. The usually used a medium format camera and usually poses their shots for poise, smiles, settings and lighting. In the hands of a master, these can truly be some unique portraits. The typical traditional photographer will usually take a few candids during the real ceremony, and then have the wedding party stay after the wedding for posed shots.


Is a relatively new form of wedding photographic coverage. Similar to the way a photojournalist covers an event this style of photographer covers a wedding as a news photographer would cover an event.

This style of photographer will typically utilize modern professional level equipment and state of the art matrix fill flash to capture the mode and abeyance of the location you are married. This type of lighting is known for its contrast and colors of the natural lighting affecting the portraits. Yet when done by a professional photographer with years of experience these captured moments will not only capture the mode and abeyance of the natural lighting the fill flash will fill in the faces and wedding attire with a white light to maximum effect.

What to Look For

Personality:A good experienced photographer is patient, professional, friendly, and can always keep smiling regardless of the circumstances. Only this type of person can motivate a large group into a great group shot.

A good question to ask yourself is, does the photographer make you feel at ease. After all, it's your day, and you should not have to worry about personalities conflicts.

Appearance: Yes, this too is important. You would not want Goober showing up to your country club formal wedding in washed-out blue jeans, sweatshirt and tennis shoes. The best way to determine this is at your meeting; determine if the photographer is well groomed and dressed appropriately for your meeting. Then ask the photographer how he/she intends to dress for your wedding.

Price Range: In Plato's world money had no value. Everyone worked at their given profession for the pure joy of it. Unfortunately, that is not the case today and although the last thing you want to do when shopping for your all-important day is to choose a photographer based merely on the lowest price, the cost of your wedding photography must be addressed and this coast must fit into your overall budget. First, make sure you are only comparing photographers who have the same style of photography. (Photojournalistic or traditional) Then if your favorite photographer is more expense than you originally planed to spend, you have to ask yourself is the captured moments of your wedding worth the extra expense.

After all when it's all said and done the only thing that last you a lifetime is the portrait and candids of your wedding. If there is just no way you can afford your favorite photographer look in to other areas, and see if there is some other area you can cut to makeup the difference? A good example is at your reception is to offer a cash bar instead of an open bar. Before you cut other areas, look one more time to make sure you have considered all the photographer in your area that offer the style of wedding photography you want. Then review their package that best fits yours needs. The choice may be confusing and even frustrating because no two photographers will offer the exact same packages. Regardless, make sure you understand what the whole package is going to cost including the enlargements and wedding albums.

Delivery: Some photographers are so busy that it may take months before you receive your proofs, and others will offer you 24-hour service. Instead of being surprised, its better to ask how long it takes to get your proofs back. And if your photographer tells you can have your proofs in 24-hours be leery. Do you really want one of the most important day of your life developed at a discount one-hour “mart” ?

Don't settle for less - Be adamant that you’re wedding photography must be processed by a professional lab and if your photographer says he will give you the negatives to have developed wherever you want then be extra leery.

Professional Lab: A high-quality photographer is only as good as his/her professional lab. Some will try to skimp on this because professional labs are expensive and some photographs feel that it does not matter because they are just proofs. However, the negative and digital images are the foundation for all the portraits and candids, and if they are ruined, the essence of your day will be lost forever.

Proofs: Do you get to keep the proofs, and finally are they marked as proofs on the face the way why were when you took home your school proofs when you where in grade school.

Contract: Do you understand the photographers’ contract? Is it fair? Is everything spelled out including what is expected for deposits and payments? Does it have a clause dealing with cancellations and the photographer not being there? If you are not sure, ask your legal counsel.

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