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Question: How many years of experience do you have?
Answer: Loftus Photo and Design was officially established in January 2003. However, Dan and Dawnelle have been freelance photographers since 1993 and have worked for the larger photography studios including LifeTouch® and Bella Pictures®.
Question: How many weddings have you photographed?
Answer: Under the Loftus Photo and Design banner , we have photographed over 150 weddings.
Question: Can you provide a list of references?
Answer: Yes. You can get our wedding references once you have submitted a quote request and you have been set up with a client login ID (these can be viewed in your personal Communications Center).
Question: Where is your studio located?
Answer: We work out of our home studio in Lombard, IL. Consultations are by appointment only.
Question: Do you perform photography full time?
Answer: Dawnelle performs photography and manages operations full time. Dan is part time and performs business management consulting as well.
Question: At what locations have you photographed?
Answer: A list of all the venues we have photographed in the Chicagoland area can be found on the "Ask Kathleen" page on our main website.
Question: Do you shoot with film or use digital?
Answer: We shoot 100% digital these days as it opens up a world of possibilities with wedding and special event photography.
Question: What cameras do you use?
Answer: We have two (2) Nikon D2Xs, two (2) Fuji S3s, two (2) Fuji S2s, and one (1) Nikon D70.
Question: Do you have "back ups" for your equipment?
Answer: In addition to seven (7) cameras, we have back ups for all of our on-location equipment.
Question: The church we are getting married in is very dark, can your equipment handle dark situations?
Answer: Absolutely. Digital cameras perform the same way as film cameras. We can adjust the ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed depending on the light situation. In most cases, religious events don't allow flash photography during the ceremony. For these situations, we use tripod mounted cameras with a higher ISO (if necessary), larger aperture, and slower shutter speed. Again, this is the same with film cameras.
Question: Do you shoot in RAW format or .jpg?
Answer: We shoot in the highest resolution .jpg. Digital negatives file sizes range from 4MB-6MB each.
Wedding Starter Kit Inclusions
Question: Do you offer traditional wedding packages?
Answer: No. We believe pre-defined packages limit the flexibility of our clients. Our Wedding Starter Kit, along with our competitive Add On program, will allow you to build "your own custom package" which will meet your specific needs.
Question: As it relates to "unlimited exposures", how many pictures can I expect from my wedding?
Answer: This is a tough question to answer because it will depend on many things: the number of attendants in your wedding party, the number of locations you want photographs at, the length of the ceremony/reception, and the number of guests...just to mention a few. However, for the average wedding, you can expect approximately 100 exposures per hour of service. For example, if your service is for 6 hours, you can expect approximately 600 exposures to choose from...if your service is for 8 hours, you can expect approximately 800 exposures to choose from. 
Question: How much do you charge for additional hours of service?
Answer: We charge our standard hourly rate. See our "Prices" page for current prices.
Question: Do you provide backdrop & lighting for formal portraits?
Answer: We provide a portable studio for an additional charge (see "Prices" page). We need a minimum "footprint" of 12' x 12' to set up our backdrop and lighting and will provide this at the reception location. Backdrop portraits will hold groups up to 4 people. For larger group shots, we will find a suitable location.
Question: Do you provide "Photojournalistic Photography"?
Answer: Yes. We always "blend into the background" so as to capture the best candids available. Today's term of "Photojournalistic" is yesterdays term of "candid".
Question: Do you provide "Black & White Photography"?
Answer: Yes. You will have a choice of color, black & white, and sepia from all the exposures we take. All three of these color options will be viewable from your personalized web gallery.
Question: Do you offer printed proofs? Do we get to keep the proofs?
Answer: No. We do not offer traditional printed proofs. Our proofing system is on-line where you and your guests will be able to see all the photos from your wedding within only 7 Days. This allows us to keep your costs down by not having to print all the exposures. You do, however, have the option to print "Contact Sheets" (12 photos per page) from your on-line gallery. This functionality is available to the bride and groom only.
Question: What are the "Photo Viewing Invite Cards"?
Answer: So that everyone can have an opportunity to see the photos from your wedding, we create custom "invite cards" that will invite your guests to view your photos on-line in a password protected gallery.
Question: Can we print photos from the Digital Photo Album CD?
Answer: No. The images on the CD are encrypted. The Digital Photo Album is intended for PC viewing only. If you would like the opportunity to print your photos, you can purchased the high resolution digital negatives.
Question: I'm confused about your "Famous 50¢ 4x6 First Runs". Can you explain a little further?
Answer: This program allows the bride and groom to order their first set of 4x6 prints for only 50 cents each. No matter how many 4x6s you order on your first order, you pay only 50 cents each. All subsequent orders will be charged at our standard print prices.
Question: What do you charge for prints?
Answer: See your specific quote, contract or our for pricing page on our main website..
Add On Products and Services
Question: Do I pay for prints and add on products prior to my wedding or after?
Answer: All prints and products are purchased after your wedding once you have seen the photos. 
Question: Do you offer photo DVDs set to music for viewing on a TV.
Answer: Yes.  We offer customized DVDs set to music which transition from one picture to another using different transitioning effects.  For standard weddings, we separate out the DVD slide shows into "Pre-Wedding", "Ceremony" and "Reception".
Question: Do you offer graphic design or special effects?
Answer: Yes.  The world of digital photography opens the door to many possibilities and we will make recommendations on which photos would be best for each different technique.
Question: I know your standard time for displaying galleries on the web is three months.  What if I wanted my photos up longer than that?
Answer: Not a problem.  Gallery extensions are available for only a small fee. See our "Prices" page for more details.
Question: Do we get to keep the negatives?
Answer: The high resolution digital negatives (high resolution .jpg files) are available for a fee immediately after your wedding (which includes ALL of your final exposures).
Question: Do we get to keep the proofs?
Answer: We do not offer printed proofs. Our photo proofing is done via a password protected web site where you and your guests can view all of the photos from your wedding and have a chance to purchase them directly on-line.
Deposit & Payments
Question: What is the deposit amount to book my date?
Answer: We require a 30% deposit to book and hold your date. Deposit is refundable up to 14 days after receipt of deposit. We accept checks and credit cards.
Question: When is the final balance due ?
Answer: The balance is due on your wedding day via check. You also have the option to pay your balance via credit card 1 week prior to your wedding.
Question: Will you save the date for me if I don't submit the contract and deposit?
Answer: Our booking system is on a "first come, first serve" basis. Whomever submits their contract along with their deposit first is the one which we will book.
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